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Multiple BSODs for the pass week

BSOD After opening laptop when left running. 0x000004f

Suddenly freeze followed by bluescreen


blue screen error 0x000000E1

PC has BSOD when using Integrated Graphics Card

Please assist with Blue Screen

Blue Screen .Pls help!

Can anyone help me with a blue screen problem

BSOD problem identified

Getting BSOD's on shutdown and with Onboard sound


BSOD while using computer normally.

[BSOD or error during shutdown][recovery pop up on startup]

BSOD Just after login screen of windows 7

BSOD/Service Erros/USBs Fried

BSOD on Windows 7

BSOD while playing Steam games?

Blue Screen Dump from Friend's Computer

BSOD on Win 7 professional

What is wrong with this actually(Blue Screen)?

BSOD on start up

BSOD when using internet or using any non windows application.

please help blue screen

Blue screen. again while writing a text on a web page. Any idea

BSOD when powering off computer

Blue screen

bsod are back

BSOD while heavy browsing with multiple tabs

BSOD occurring more frequently

BSOD after sleep/hibernation

Frequent BSOD for no particular reason

BSOD almost every time I boot my machine

BSOD booting into full mode


BSOD all the time 7a

BSOD will using windows

BSOD - Hardware issue? Where do I begin?

BSOD on fresh install when install updates

Getting BSOD:Quite worried

BSOD While Shutting Down

BSOD - After a fresh install of windows!

BSOD when playing games. Different error messages

BSOD when starting Minecraft

a few BSOD

BSOD part 3

BSOD Minidump

BSOD when Laptop attempts to go into sleep mode

BSOD after YouTube

BSOD Help Needed New Computer

Please Help with BSOD problems

Always having blue screen errors

BSOD - Software or Hardware?

BSOD appearing during multiple game plays Windows7 (SFdebugFiles incl)

BSOD's Again.

BSOD while Booting up my system

BSOD after getting new parts

bsod error.please help.

BSOD- Blue Screen of Death

BSOD when on Boot

BSOD during boot or Windows logo

BSoD when starting from wake/sleep

Blue screen in duration install windows xp

Complete rebuild but still getting BSOD

BSOD comes up without warning

BSOD at random points (especially during gaming)

BSOD after Using Blackmagic and New Ram

New computer with random BSOD.

Bluescreen error causing PC to crash

BSOD after installing ram in netbook

My computer is starting to have BSOD

BSOD Unable to start Win 7

BSOD on laptop fresh from Dell

BSOD Crash

BSOD Only when Gaming

Just got a BSOD

BSOD any help

Old BSOD coming back

BSOD flash

Getting various BSODs

6 BSoD's in 2 weeks

Blue Screen Help?

Blue Screen on Win7 [BCCode:117]

Yet another BSOD problem on HP Laptop

Crazy Lines On Screen Leads To BSOD.

Random Blue screens

BSOD started a few months ago on old computer

System Crashes via BSOD

BSOD at boot

BSOD - Perhaps bios problem?

different BSOD occurring 2-3 times a week

BSOD During System Restore

BSOD when restarting computer also happens randomly.

BSOD on client's PC with no apparent error

Blue screen error whats the problem?

BSOD during WET restore

BSOD At Random Times. Becoming More Frequent.

BSOD right after boot

Sudden BSOD

BSOD in everything I do

Blue dump errors occured multiple times

PC BSOD's at Windows loading screen

Blue Screen - new eMachine Laptop

BSOD browsing Internet

First BSOD since Windows Vista

bsod problems ive had for over a week and cant figure this out

BSOD After Reinstall of Win7 64Bit

BSOD on new Win 7 installation.

Constant Blue Screens from Drivers

probably wlan driver causing BSOD on sleep/hibernate

BSOD after welcome screen

BSOD during Firefox use

Blue Screen When I Install Driver

BSOD after SSD installation & Win7SP1

BSOD on Windows 7 laptop multiple times through the day

Blue Screen usbvideo.sys failure

BSOD while gaming & corrupted sound before BSOD

BSOD many times in a day

BSOD on new system

BSOD on a Custom Computer?

Need help fixing a bsod issue

BSOD Randomly

BSOD?s and nothing is helping

Graphics card disabled due to continuous blue screens

BSOD during game play.

Another Windows 7 BSoD

win7 x64 (proffesional) bsod on hibernate

BSOD while doing nothing and severel freezings

Multiple different BSoDs

BSOD on new custom build

Screen goes to blue

Blue Screen on Resume in Windows 7

Found computer rebooted with bluescreen error message

Not sure what to do with BSOD errors.

BSOD at startup.

I get frequent BSOD screens

BSOD Window 7 64bit -

New Graphics Card But No Relief From BSODs

Internet connection problems and blue screen

BSOD after sleep (disk was unable to be read)

BSOD New Custom pc

BSOD while playing various games.

Random BSOD's even after fresh install

BSOD problem with usb-wifi-adapter

BSOD with computer

Blue screen BCCode: a

W7 x64 random BSOD's

BSOD after login


I am also experiencing similar BSOD issues.

BSOD error on waking up laptop

BSOD after logging in

Replaced CPU/PSU still get BSODs

BSOD issues when trying to fresh install

BSOD While playing

first Blue Screen win7x86

Windows 7 Boots to BSOD

BSOD still


Computer hang-up while playing game: Blue screen error

Bsod during gaming

Repeated BSOD - Various Errors

Recurring random blue screens

windows 7 bsod hard drive?

BSOD playing any game caused by same problem

BSOD playing games on Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Laptop frequent BSOD

BlueScreen error

BSDOS when i use mi pc

Blue screen graphics card can't even get to windows.

Can someone check this BSOD for me

Blue screen error because of graphics card driver problem

New PC with sleep mode problems and BSOD

Blue screen appears (ntoskrnl.exe)

Blue Screen every couple minutes

BSOD after working 3 weeks and crash

Computer random crashes/bluescreen/memorydumps

Blue Screen on new Rig

Bsod stop 0x00000116

BSOD randomly while on Facebook.

BSOD memory corruption while playing come games

Need help dianosing BSOD on Thinkpad T60p

BSOD playing most steam games

BSOD frequently when browsing

BSOD Cause?

Missing file %hs

blue screen on fresh install of windows

BSoD - Graphics card related?

Computer not even blue screening just restarting

Random problems only while gaming (BSOD

BSOD during Diablo 3

BSOD after reinstall

BSOD Help Required!

Homebuilt computer BSOD - Part 2


Frequent BSOD crashes : / can really use some helps here ~

BSOD and Random Shutdowns trying to download LoL

BSOD randomly at startup with new PC (various error)

BSOD watching videos off the net.

BSOD Ever Since I Updated Video Card Driver

BSOD out of nowhere and still happening on fresh install

Recurring BSOD

BlueScreen problem. again.

BSOD on win7 premium

Bsod issue . help needed !

BSOD after plugging in HDMI

BSOD Randomly Occurs

BSOD Playing games from steam

Blue Screen - Brand new PC

BSOD randomly (no specific trigger) Commonly an IRQL issue on BSOD

Blue screening when starting up any game

BSOD while playing various game

Blue screen problem signature

Windows 7 not booting properly get an empty blue screen

BSoD with no message

repeated BSOD on start-up

BSOD during sleep/waking

BSOD possibly related to drivers

bsod while on internet

BSOD after booting up

Blue screen error (0xD1): tcpip.sys

Still getting BSOD even after a Clean install of win7 PLEASE HELP!

Fresh Install BSODing

Blue Screen Error

BSOD Windows 7 keeps crash


BSOD after i turned off overclock

Experiencing BSoD Randomly

BSOD on Start Up- Driver Issue?

BSOD 116 on install

starting window a few seconds later blue screen flashes then reboots

BSoD! Help!

BSOD even while sitting on Desktop after Fresh boot.

BSOD on random cases

Lots Of BSOD at anytime

Frequent BSOD/reboot - Even when idle

continuous bsod crashes

Blue Screen when opening IE or Firefox

BSoD Playing Online Games.

Help with BSOD

BSOD on fresh installed system.

BSOD Without a warning

Constant bsod while playing video game

BSOD random happens after windows 7 start up screen

Interesting: Mainboard & XP incompatibility & crashed

BSOD leaving laptop on

BSOD after windows update 000009f

BSOD - In need of some assistance please.

Blue Screen crash whilst hibernating

Windows7 BSOD Problem

I *think* it's BSOD

BSOD HELP Window 7

BSOD Occurs Randomly + Details.

BSOD crashes (Several different ones occuring)

Bluescreening again!

BSOD Possible GPU Switching related

Some bluescreens

Frequently BSOD errors with brand new PC

BSOD right after startup

BSOD started after reinstall of Windows

BSOD coming up constantly

BSOD when booting windows

Blue Screen-Crashes fix?

ATI HD4770 getting blue screen of death after installing the driver

BSOD while playing game on Facebook

Windows 7 BSODs

BSOD minidump info

BSOD once per week while browsing

i hate my laptop BSOD

Random BSOD on new computer

Getting a variety of different BSODs despite reinstalling Windows

Many BSOD and restarts for 2 months

random BSOD and no windows update

BSOD shows up at random

Blue Screen Crash On Win 7 x86

Help Needed.BSOD during Windows 7 Installation

BSOD when opening random programs or games (Itunes

BSOD after small oc

BSOD Trouble.

BSOD After random time periods

BSOD at Win7 Login

Random BSOD then restart

BOSD after clean up

BSoD Stop Error 0x116

BSOD playing some games

Frequent BSOD error

BSOD after sleeping

BSOD when starting computer up

blue screen error when trying to start video

BSOD after upgrading from 4GB to 8GB

BSOD at shutting down PC

BSOD's and Comp wont boot with 8gig Ram anymore

BSODs almost every day different

BSOD Win 7 every start up

BSOD in normal mode (various errors)

BSOD with various messages

Getting a BSoD error at random times

Window 7 crash BSOD

BSOD playing any game on my laptop

Random BSOD - Win7 x64. SSD disk with PGPDesktop

3 BSOD Errors

BSOD in Win7 x64 when Windows Boots

BSOD After Win7 Welcome Screen

BSOD after completing clean install win7 64

BSOD even after fresh install (Windows Update may be the cause)

various BSOD problems (winjdows 7 32-bit)

BSOD after computer starts

BSOD when start

BSOD playing every game

BSODs and program shutdowns

BSOD on a Windows 7 64 Laptop

comp works in safe blue screen in reg

BSOD at start up.

Every time i play LoL. i get bsod in the first 5 mins

random BSODs from fresh install of W7

BSOD while OC'ing

Laptop Turns off repeatedly with a Blue screen

BSOD every restart

BSOD and windows 7


Blue Screen while shutting down

Been Getting BSOD Randomly for a Few Months.

BSOD when being idle too long or playing certain games

BSOD - 1st Time

BSOD on Win7 32bit

BSOD on Asus Laptop - help!

BSOD instead of sleep/hibernate

BSOD on AHCI system

BSOD after reinstalling windows.

bsod again

BSOD fresh w7 install

BSOD while trying to do many things

BSOD at random. HDD and RAM seem to test fine. Ideas?

Brand New Windows 7 keeps crashing. BSOD. So Frustrating :-(

Constant BSOD - power_driver_state_failure errors

BSOD at semi-frequent rate

Blue screen help please thanks

Getting frequent BSODs.tried everything

BSOD after a Clean Format

During Video Card driver install computer goes to blue screen/Restarts

BSOD coming and computer restarting

Please Need Help With BlueScreen Problem

Blue screen during swtor

All kinds of BSOD when using computer

Getting BSOD and laptop getting restarted

2 years of BSODs while playing

BSOD occuring when logging in

Blue Screen error with usbvideo.sys debug help please

Random different BSODs

BSOD crash right after Windows splash screen

BSOD When Computer Startup.

Blue screen on startup

Computer is getting blue

Random BSOD New system

Need help figuring out what the Blue Screen is.

Blue screen of death virus

BSOD once or twice a day no explanation

Seven BSOD Shutdown

BSOD As soon as desktop loads

BSOD at shutdown

Different BSOD at each reboot

Bsod for new pc

3 BSOD's in one hour

Sudden Repeat BSOD

Getting a blue screen of death!

BSOD after logging in after restarting.

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