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Computer freezes randomly and makes an err sound toshiba e305

My computer sometimes freezes and make buzzing sound for 1-2 seconds!

Post boot freezing

Computer freezes randomly

Screen Freezes a lot - Using Disability Options

system freeze after wake; reboot; all apps restored - normal?

Random Hang [no clue]

after approx 5 mins everything freezes and that's it

Everything related to sound crashes

My system is freezing/locking.

System freezing while SHUT DOWN

Computer freezes randomly after tune-up

Browser Crashes during video playback

Random Crashes and computer shut offs

System freezes when exiting On-Screen Keyboard

Computer freezes whenever turned off or shut

computer freezes when downloading

system freezes upon resume from standby

Computer crashing seemingly randomly and consistently

Computer hangs on boot.

PC is randomly freezing

Computer seems to crash when viewing a youtube video

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