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some usb ports not functioning.

Volume problems with Microsoft Headset.

Computer clicking trouble. (Not a mouse problem.)

CD rom problem.

Realtek high definiton audio and Logitech Z-5500

Weird Clipboard Problem

Delete key non-responsive

Microphone Won't Work

One of my USB port is not working

Toshiba USB mouse not recognized

Vaio Touchpad not working along with right key below it

custom-defined alt+ctrl keys stop working after some time

Touchpad dubble click stopped working

front usb not usb 2.0 help

Issues with built-in microphone.

f11 key not working?

Mic Recording Problem

Unable to open links in emails - Windows 10

A USB2.0 Port Doesn't Recognize Devices Plugged In Anymore

Audio Works in Ubuntu but not Win 7 (Device not detected)

My shortcuts no longer work

Toshiba Satellite keyboard not working

Mushy Keyboard and Mouse Problem

No Sound on Dell Laptop

Microphone jack connector not working

Mouse and keyboard issues

hp laptop - sound only from headphones

Search function not working in libraries.

USB headset doesn't work anymore

Ethernet Controller issue

Keyboard in rear usb port not working - geek stumped!

problems with YouTube

No sound Dell Inspiron - culprit Windows updates? ERUNT? anti-virus?

GIF imgs dont open

Start Button Doesn't Work

4.1 audio only coming out of rear right speaker

Mic problems

Problem Getting on Facebook


USB Devices in Windows 7 Problems (video)

Ethernet Problem - Help!

Open with function not working correctly

Failing to use inbuilt webcam to take snap shots

Need help to solve an issue with sounds coming from my speakers?

Ethernet Adapter not recognized

Touchpad Issue

USB Connectivity Problem

Cannot "listen live" to radio stations

can't connect anything to USB ports

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