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Problem File Reading With Windows 7


Foxit says we have to pay $800 plus to be able to use their ifilter to search contents on the network. This was one of the many annoyances switching to Win 7 from XP. Thank you!

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Leave a In my Outlook account, I am now able to find items that may have been on a PDF attachment on not in the body of the email. navigate here

I have thousands of references and had been remiss in storing some (OK a lot) of them in EndNote. Possible Bad Sectors If you're using an external drive, you could possibly have some bad sectors on the hard drive, which is causing the problem. It was only an issue when he tried to copy the file. Click Here for details Did you find it helpful?

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Forum post More like this Can't view a PDF on the web | Quick fix Cannot open PDF file in Acrobat created from InDesign or Illustrator (Mac, InDesign and Illustrator) Download Whenever I try to install anything from a .msi file, I always receive the error: "Error reading from file /setup.msi. Nearly five years on and users are still having to fix this!

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You don’t need to have a third party tool to search the contents of a searchable PDF – the OS will do it for you. This post likely won’t help you. I believe this is a 32 bit application so I am wondering if that has something to do with it. .hlp Files Windows 10 So my problem is solved, so to speak.

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Three cheers to the Auther.

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Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Fuad Assi Here's how to set it up: Windows users To configure Windows to open PDFs with Reader or Acrobat, do the following: Right-click the PDF, and then choose Open With > Choose Chrome has the best print feature of all browsers and when it can't render the page properly for a print, then the webpage is not properly setup for it.

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It uses the Microsoft iFilter interface and allows third-party indexing tools to extract text from Adobe PDF files.". When I came in to work this morning, I tried the search process. Winhlp32.exe For Windows 7 Building a bridge from one side Is hiding my friendlist on Facebook a bad sign for the HR? Winhlp32.exe Windows 10 Uninstall Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

However, that URL goes only to a blank page. check over here And of course if the Acrobat Reader update doesn’t solve the indexing problem and the user is reluctant to edit the registry then simply:- Empty your wast bin (trash can) go Do A Re-Index In order to fix this problem, we’ll need to tell Windows 7 or Windows 8 to do a re-index. When I do a search, it pulls up the first instance immediately, and then after scanning the entire document, that very same instance is repeated, in this example, about 70 some Windows Help Format For Windows 7

It causes a bit of panic, but after it gets done rebuilding the index (over 600k items in my case), they all return. windows-7 installer windows-installer 64-bit share|improve this question asked Jul 30 '10 at 11:18 GregH 47821222 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 9 down vote Sorry for I use it daily and in my opinion the add-on is faster than the built-in version. his comment is here Perhaps foolishly I followed that recommendation and uninstalled the older version but still can get the new one to install.

Your article is not printable. Winhlp32.exe For Windows Xp Googbox.com is capable of searching within folders and subfolders. Thank you.

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Now lets search for Westminster again: Looks like it still didn’t find it.

Glad it helped.

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Leave a Reply: Cancel In this case, you should scan the hard drive using a tool like chkdsk. After checking the box and starting a re-index all is fine. Hlp File Converter It's a good idea to at this point to use some third-party program to copy the files off forcefully even if they have errors.

That was my problem. I was having trouble with searching on a network drive and found the solution: http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/405741-windows-7-having-trouble-with-search-feature-on-mapped-drive To summarize: Go to my computer then go to organize on the top left and select It's a pretty annoying and widespread problem.

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Windows 7 and 8’s search capabilities are pretty good, but for some reason the 64-bit has a problem indexing PDF files. Power and Cables In a few cases, the issue is related to other hardware factors. I can't even copy file to another folder inside windows (7). I would expect perhaps MOVING all the file to another folder/flash drive/backup drive, then copying them back to the usual place, would effect the same result without this sort of risk,

I’ll let Microsoft describe the difference: The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer’s processor (also called a CPU), handles information. edit flag offensive delete link more add a comment 0 answered 2016-11-04 23:04:10 +0100 Louie 1 This solution does not work for me. We are currently on 30-day free trial and it works, but is there a cheaper alternative?

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Don't make things more risky or complicated than necessary, please.

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He was trying to copy some files on his computer and ended up getting this odd error message: Can't read from the source file or disk. I’m On Windows 8 And This Still Doesn’t Work Believe it or not, in some cases there is a bug with Adobe Acrobat that breaks search in Windows 8.