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Windows Explorer: Back/Forward Button And Library Icon

SEE?!?", who am I to try to alter your course? but missing the backspace arrows Have you done some tweaking? Do you think their developers use computers more than a year or two old?). -Noel Detailed how-to in my new eBook: Configure The Windows 7 "To Work" Options Edited by Ordering Shipping & Returns eBook/Digital products Contact Us Sitemap Pearson Sites Pearson Higher Education Pearson UK Customizing Windows Explorer in Windows 7 AUTHOR: Michael Miller Michael Miller shows some of the Source

If it's not one, but two, you must delete these files. If the removed folder was the default save location, then the first remaining folder in the list view becomes the new default save location. Items view The Items view is a list of the contents of the current location which is shown in the address bar, and the list can contain folders, libraries, disks and So I copied the file repeatedly, going back and forth using the back/forward arrow buttons at the top left of the window. http://www.sevenforums.com/customization/79302-windows-explorer-back-forward-button-library-icon.html

If you press Alt + D you're taken to the address bar in this mode. And working with files and folders in Windows means working with Windows Explorer. Sunday, January 22, 2012 4:45 PM 1 Sign in to vote As far as I can see nothing in this thread is being proposed as a "fix", thoughthe tweaks listedmay contribute Finding out where an item is stored Because a library is a combined view of one or more folders, when you're in a library, you may not know where a particular

On my machine, the problem instantly stopped when I added this key. Selecting items For the tasks described in the Tasks section, such as copying and deleting items, you often need to able to select one or more items in the Items view. I tryed to delete "IconCache.db", but the case of creating was not solved. Creating a new library Select the Libraries folder in the Tree view Open its context menu, open the New sub menu and choose Library (the only option).

I remember one day I found a solution where you need to delete some file in %appdata% but I've forgotten which exactly. Since sending the keystroke is the main thing that the script must accomplish, the entire script is only three lines: Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")   WshShell.SendKeys "%{UP}"   Wscript.Quit The first Alt+Right Arrow Go forward. I can't believe that there's no solution from microsoft yet.

Can you suggest a specific folder to try it with, where you often/always see the problem? If you press Alt + D to move to the Address bar, then it's an edit combo box, and the text is initially selected. This thread is marked Answered. More guides are available on the Jaws Guides page of the VIP Software Guides website.

modified:>=8/9/08<=11/9/08 matches files modified between and including these dates. Using shortcut keys. I always keep that option checked, and I usually start a new Explorer window, do a few things and close it. Why does it have to be that a companyshould consider itselftoo big and impersonal to respond to its customers with a simple "We're sorry for the trouble; we're looking into it"?

I am glad to see this thread is marked Answered. this contact form Never underestimate the power of direct reproducibility to motivate software troubleshooting. It's not your place to criticize me here, butI may bebetter at this than you give mecredit for. If you press Insert + Up Arrow to read the current item, or when you Tab to the Items view, Jaws reads all the information in the row.

The items are laid out as one or more rows, and each item consists of an icon, a name and some other information. For example, disks can contain folders, folders can contain other folders, and some special folders contain disks or networked computers. Unfortunately there aren't any shortcuts to move to the next or previous group heading. http://ixpix.net/windows-explorer/windows-explorer-help-needed.html Back and Forward buttons, and a recent location menu button.

They DO seema little more difficult to reproduce, right out of the box,so it's possible some redesign has been done to address them, but apparently wehave seen no hard fix yet. By default the top level Desktop folder, your personal folder, Control panel, and the Recycle bin are omitted from the tree view. To add insult to the injury, the second thread cannot even be viewed by Internet Explorer, since it crashes.

I tried to replicate it thinking it could be a location but no, this is the explorer Microsoft window I looked in my settings for the address bar and do not

They are the new entry point for accessing your files. Searching To search the current location using the search box: Press Ctrl + E to move to the Search edit box. They have broken code that we paid for, so they should be the ones fixing it, not us, their customers. Monday, Tuesday, etc.

The file system knew that the file was there because the duplicate file dialog box popped up asking if I wanted to overwrite the existing file, etc. The one constant in the toolbar is the Organize button. For example, the Documents library includes the folders My Documents and Public Documents. Check This Out Now you will add a succession of three keys below the GUID key that will ultimately reference the Up.vbs script that you created earlier.

Pressing F6 cycles you around the same controls as using Tab except that the Search box is omitted. For example, if you know that the drive letter of your USB memory stick is E, then you can just type in E:. The following sections describe how to do this. I also have the problem of files not showing up when I do a search.

The first column is the item's name, and the subsequent columns are the item's other properties such as Date Modified and Size. For example, if you wanted find the largest files in your Downloads folder, then you could choose Size on the Sort by sub menu. If the property consists of more than one word, then all the examples given by Microsoft show that you should omit the spaces between the words when searching using this property. It seems I was only partially correct.

I can't believe that there's no solution from microsoft yet.